Thursday, 8 November 2018

wow what a time to be alive

well hey there, how have y'all been? i've been busy and making scary new life decisions. a friend of mine told me i should write a blog of all my adventures over the past few months so here goes. there have been some good times, some bad times, and some pretty average times.

i moved across the other side of australia. on a whim. i felt a call to be in a city that i used to hate and now i'm here and so far everything has been great. maybe i'll start off with telling you how i came to this decision. i don't know why i'm here yet but everything is slotting into place. hallelujah, He is good.

at the start of august i decided that i needed to leave mandurah. don't get me wrong, i loved the people and community i was apart of, but i needed to grow and i couldn't do that while still living there. (some other pretty crappy stuff happened which i may tell you about another day) so i started packing and sorting out my stuff. the original plan was that i would leave late december/early january but my dad had to be in melbourne early october so we decided the best plan was for me to drive over with him as co-pilot. saved them (and me) a plane ticket and a lot of money. by the time i had officially picked a departure date i had 6 weeks to organise my life and make sure that my car could get across the country.

i start by writing a list of things to do and then i write a list of people to see/tell. i think at this point, other than immediate family, maybe 3 people know the basics of my plan. i then start seeing people and telling them i'm leaving. it was a very emotional time but all my people were so supportive of my decision which i was very thankful for. 

at that point, i still hadn't decided where i was going to move to. i was going to move to either sydney or brisbane. neither of which made any sense as i knew 2 people in each city but that was it. for quite awhile i deliberated between the two and only really decided just before i left that i was going to move to brisbane. which was slightly ironic cause when i was much younger we visited brisbane and i vehemently declared that i "hate this city and i will never live here." welp, i've been here for a week now and it's been rather grand so far.  

i then quit my job, and left at the end of september with the intention of travelling for a month or so and then arriving in brisbane with the prospects of a new job. i vaguely knew where i wanted to live but that was about it. so i packed (majority) of my earthly belongings into my car and started across on this crazy adventure.

so that's it. my thought process and some of the reasons that i moved. i shall endeavour to slowly tell more of my month on the road and show you photos. and maybe explain a bit more on the why i moved so far away from my family.

pack a bag and go on an adventure

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Monday, 22 January 2018

year of the ultraviolet

hey hey hello, it's 2018. i started this here blog just over six years ago. yikes.

red bluff, kalbarri
time flies when you're living. (cause having fun hasn't been the constant over those six years)
i've definitely changed. matured and become a very different, and yet remarkably the same, person than i was when i was fourteen. not as angsty and not struggling to fit in with the world.

this isn't going to be one of those posts where i start telling you about all these issues i've been having. cause i can tell you at this very moment, these issues are keeping me up at night. but on to happier, healthier things!

five fingers reef, coral bay
recently, i went up as far north as coral bay. we had five days and to make the most of it we drove in the early morning and spent the afternoon relaxing (mostly...) 
we snorkelled in bill's bay, and five fingers reef in coral bay. the sea life there was magical (made me wish i had a go-pro so that i could've actually shot some footage), and we saw a real live turtle in the wild, which was possibly the highlight of the trip!

cliff head north
and in other, more, exciting news, i'm vegan! i've been vegan since the second week of november and have committed to being a vegan this entire year with a dear friend of mine. and here we are twenty-two days into the new year and it's going great. (and i've lost weight as well. nice bonus!)
i'll try and write a more detailed post on why i went vegan soon.

kiss kiss hug a dog
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Monday, 18 December 2017

a culmination of events

first fire pit of the summer

well hello. i've been thinking and contemplating life lately. it's a very interesting conundrum indeed.

two of my friends got married last weekend. i watched them go from just friends all the way through to the final culmination of marriage. i was the listening ear when she complained about how much she liked him and that she didn't know if he liked her back. and i watched from a distance as they finally (!!) got together. it's been an interesting experience. the wedding was beautiful and emulated who they are as a couple.

sandy cape, jurien bay

it's been refreshing to come to a deeper realisation that life just keeps progressing no matter what you do or how you feel. 

i've been living in the same town for nearly four years and if you asked me three months ago what my plans for next year i would've said that i was moving back to victoria/moving away for good. and considering the events that have transpired in the past few months you would think that my answer would be a definite "i'm leaving" but due to circumstances i have decided to stay put in this little old coastal town for another year at the very least.
and in the past month i've realised that staying here doesn't mean that i'm stagnant or stuck in any way. i've been prayerfully considering all my current options and i feel that God is calling me here for another season. 

in other news, in the past two months i've been taking a rest from church, visiting other churches, and taking a break altogether. i went to my home church today and i'm also considering my options in that regard.

the pinnacles, cervantes

hello, goodbye, this post is a bit of a ramble. love me xx

listening to all this music

Sunday, 11 June 2017


i'm almost crying as i write this. i recently had friends from victoria visit me, and it made me so homesick. i had forgotten how much i miss that little state, and the people there. hearing that accent again was like being back on the farm surrounded by people who i love, and who i know love me. and just spending those few days with the boyz cemented that. i miss it so much at this very moment. but i'm sure this moment will pass and i'll be fine in a few days.

living in victoria wasn't the easiest thing to do. i struggled with being away from home (i was 16 when i moved out there), mental health issues, (see this post for examples) and just general teenage angst stuff.
but ever since moving back to WA, it's been a dream of mine to move back there. it's been three long years here, and i feel that i've come to the end of my tether. the only things keeping me here are the fact i don't have a job over there and i have a pretty decent church community here. (though, i have been telling people at church that i'm planning to move back east sooner rather than later.)

i've also been looking through all my old vic pics and seeing how little the children were, and just reminiscing about that year and how it was. it's a very dangerous thing to do...

(this post wasn't even supposed to be all about victoria and my feelings toward the subject, haha. it was supposed to be about what i've been up to lately, specifically when the boyz were visiting.)

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

life is a trainwreck, but i'm still puffing

why hello there

i don't write here a lot anymore. i've been busy. adult life is busy, and even when i have a spare moment, i still have stuff to do. 

one of my close friend's is getting married in just less than a month and i haven't started on the wedding present. so at the moment, i'm a bit um, stressed.

at this very moment, i'm thinking about how to construct my arguement that christians should celebrate Passover. and not easter, never easter, or christmas. i wouldn't mind if it was always winter and never christmas,

my anxiety has been eating away at the edges of my sanity recently. take the tuesday night for example, i'm sitting there with my friends, drinking a chai latte from maccas. but in my head, i'm really yelling, screaming,"why are you sitting here, sarah? you have crap to do at home? your career to keep working on, all your projects, etc. do something with your life."

dear love, don't forget to breathe.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

a few thoughts about nothing || hello 2017

my name is sarah. i will be 21 in approx 3 months. i like roadtrips.

welcome to 2017.
to a new year.
new me.
i guess.
i can't tell yet.
 i don't think anything will change.
 but who knows.

point king lighthouse

i recently got back from the first roadtrip of the year. a group of us went down to albany for the week. lots of swimming, walking, and burning were involved. on the first night we were there, i managed to slice a chunk off of my thumb using a pocket knife to cut up chicken in a park. (yes, that whole story makes it sound like we were destined to fail.) my thumb bled profusely and aggressively. and there is now a picture of me on the grass in shock and stating very matter-of-factly that i just want a bandaid and i couldn't care less about disinfecting the wound. i'm glad that they did end up not listening to me and actually disinfecting it. i'm fairly sure that uncooked chicken is not good for an open wound.

gull rock beach

and as for 2017, i don't have a word yet. but if i think about it, i think it would be spontaneity (or alternatively, the act of being spontaneous.) for most of my life, i have made plans and rules, but i think i'll make this the year of breaking rules (within reason, obvs... i'm not a criminal) and doing things for myself. getting a better job, and just treating myself the way i deserve to be treated.

don't forget to care for yourself, lovely

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

quiet and not sad aka lately

i had two posts in my queue that i had almost finished but after re-reading them i deleted both. they were sad and tmi. and i don't want to say too much, and i don't want to be sad. so yes hello. i am quiet and not sad.

i did one of these quite a while ago, and today i found it while scrolling through all the posts. and it's changed quite dramatically. holla

i. a person's daily routine 

ii. what they eat for breakfast (or if they eat breakfast at all)

iii. what they listen to when driving

i. i don't necessarily have a daily routine but... on the days i work i'm (generally) out of bed by 7:30, i may have a shower and wash my hair, get dressed in my beautiful all black reflection of my heart work uniform (ew grammar) and then i go make breakfast/lunch/sometimes dinner. (usually just breakfast and lunch.) and then i'll toddle off to work to start at 9, work all day, finish anywhere between 5 & 5:30, then home, dinner, and whatever activities i choose to do that evening. i'm generally out every second night during the week, and sunday i'm out all day due to church commitments.

ii. i usually have oats with a dab of honey for breakfast but it really depends on the day. once a fortnight i help out with a young mum's group and i generally don't eat breakfast that day. i'm housesitting at the moment so really have just been eating rice bubbles. *snap, crackle, pop away*

iii. my car doesn't have a stereo so i put my phone in a little cavity in the center console thing. at the moment i'm listening to all the music on this playlist. it doesn't give an impressive sound but it's enough for me. yay